Nuxt Hot-Reload isn’t working

In Nuxt version 2 (of course vue2), hot reloading might have some problems as project is being bigger. Having this problem may cause slowness on your development phase and you should fix it in order to increase speed of your development. We will look together how to fix nuxt Hot-Reload isn’t working issue.

Why doesn’t Nuxt hot-reloading work?

It is really strange but this issue causes from adding external style to components (especially page/layout components). To fix the issue, you should remove style tags from your component and then move them into external css file or inline css, so hot reloading will start to work again!

I hope this issue will be fixed as soon as possible by Nuxt team and we can add custom style freely to our components because adding style as scoped to components can help us to optimize css codes.

Thank you for reading the solution and I hope you fixed the problem. Feel free to add your comments and feelings about the article. We looked together how to fix nuxt Hot-Reload isn’t working issue.

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